You could be doing ETL or BI at Microsoft!

If you enjoy using the features of SQL Server for ETL or business intelligence projects, consider working close to the source right here at Microsoft. Check out our public careers page at: https://careers.microsoft.com/.

The other day I just happened to be clicking around on our internal job-listing site. (See previous blog posting). I found a fair number of job openings for many ETL and BI-related terms and phrases:

  • ETL, 25
  • SSIS, 16
  • Integration Services, 9
  • OLAP, 33
  • SSAS, 8
  • PowerPivot, none
  • Analysis Services, 20
  • SSRS, 10
  • Reporting Services, 18
  • business intelligence, 112


  • These results overlap one another, obviously.
  • I did not review individual job postings to confirm, for example, that a search result for "ETL" really involved creating ETL solutions.
  • Results are international.
  • These results from our internal site may not match the results from the public site, for reasons that aren't clear to me. For example, when I searched on "ETL" on the public site, I got 41 results, not 25.

The Pacific Northwest of the United States is a beautiful place to live, and Microsoft has great benefits. For more information about working at a large, established US tech company, please consult http://www.dilbert.com.




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