Updated product: SSIS Plus 1.4 from Cozyroc - Visit CozyRoc at PASS

Cozyroc is exhibiting at SQL PASS 2009 for the first time this year. From the Cozyroc Web site:

CozyRoc will be exhibiting at the Premier Conference for SQL SERVER Professionals. Visit CozyRoc at booth #508 and say HI.

Cozyroc has just released version 1.4 of their SSIS+ product, adding still more often-requested features to their add-on library for SQL Server 2005 and 2008. For details on the new and existing features, please see this blog entry, CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.4 has arrived. Here is the most interesting section of the blog posting:

Summary of the new / updated components

  • Script Component Plus – Extends Microsoft Script component for greater usability and maintenance.
  • Template Task – Generation of arbitrary text documents.
  • Data Flow Task Plus – Dynamic data flows.
  • Address Parse – US Postal Address parse and correction.
  • ODBC Destination – Regular and bulk-load of data in ODBC table.
  • SCP Task – Secure copying of files.
  • Lookup Plus – Simplified and enhanced lookup transformation.
  • Salesforce Source – Load data from Salesforce service.
  • Salesforce Destination – Store data to Salesforce service.
  • Salesforce Connection Manager – Connections with Salesforce service.