Updated product: EBCDIC Source component "Lysine" from Amino Software

Patrick & Ben at Amino Software have announced a new version of "Lysine," an Integration Services source component for loading EBCDIC data into the data flow of an SSIS package.


I wouldn't know an EBCDIC if one ran up and bit me, so I'll just quote their announcement:

Lysine 1.3 Released

We are excited to announce that our planned release for 1.2 was merged with features that had been planned for release in 1.3 at a later date. Due to increased international demand, we put a rush on 1.3. This combined release brings you:

  • Full Unicode Support
  • Applying Locale settings to Numeric Formatting
  • Bug in Connection Manager causing it to disappear has been fixed.
  • Redefinition Set names are now saved.
  • The move up/down buttons for organizing your layout now work.
  • Several other edge case UI bugs have been fixed.

What are you waiting for? Download Now.

They have also:

  • simplified Lysine licensing for developers
  • announced that they will be releasing the core Lysine engine separately as a standalone DLL.

For more information, visit their Web site.