Off topic: Talking SQL Server on an Italian beach

In the midst of the recent snowfall that put the Seattle area out of business for 10 days, one sunny spot (advance pun) was a Christmas email from SQL Server MVP Andrea Montanari. I haven't seen Andrea in person since the MVP Summit in 2006 or 2007.

All of us on the database-related Support teams at Microsoft knew Andrea's name because he wrote DbaMgr, which was the only management UI available for MSDE when MSDE was first released.


Andrea's also unique because he's not a DBA or a consultant, but an innkeeper! He runs the family hotel, Hotel Sole ("sun"), in Riccione on the sunny Adriatic coast of Emilia-Romagna.

Where's Riccione?

The hotel's a block from the beach, and the best room at the highest season is 88 Euros. For that price in Seattle, I'd be lucky to find something seedy on Aurora Avenue North! When I compare this... this...

...I'm thinking of telling the boss that I need to get out and network with our SQL Server MVPs some more.   Wink