SSIS: Now it's play and not work!

For me, that is. I hope.

No, I haven't written any magic code that fixes the tedious parts of Integration Services. But in 2010 I will no longer be working on SSIS documentation at Microsoft; I am moving to a new and different role on the SQL Server documentation team. So my theory is that I can now play with SSIS for fun in that "spare time" that we all fantasize about.

Don't be too hasty to unsubscribe from this blog! I hope that I will still have information to contribute from time to time.

SSIS has both a passionate development team at Microsoft and a passionate community, and I'm sad to be stepping away from both. I would offer more observations about my changing role, but most of them would raise eyebrows at the office, so let's stick with the abbreviated version and keep the paycheck. But maybe it is time for me to try something new...my answers to "why do I have nulls when I import from Excel" have been getting more cantankerous with each passing month.

I still look forward to seeing our MVPs at the annual Summit here in February.

Best wishes to all my readers!


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Jamie THomson

Argggh...noooo....say it aint so!! Smile

This is not great news for those of us in SSIS land but I'm sure its a great move for you Doug, so congratulations. Thanks for everything over the past 5 years - you've been (and I'm sure will continue to be) a massive contributer to the SSIS community.


Davide Mauri

My best wishes for your new position, looks interesting and fun! Se you in february!

John Welch

Congratulations on the new position - though we'll certainly miss your input on the SSIS team.

Jorg Klein

I wish you the very best at your new position! Thanks for your blogposts here and the mail conversations we had!


I wish you the best for the next challenge!




Phil Brammer

Best wishes and good luck in the new role!  I'll see you in Feb!