SSIS features by edition in SQL Server 2008 "Katmai"

There are no big surprises in the breakdown of Integration Services features by edition for SQL Server 2008 "Katmai". A couple of notes...

  • The Import and Export Wizard is now included with SQL Server Express.
  • The new Data Profiling Task and Data Profiling Viewer are included in Standard edition.
  • The new connectivity components for SAP BW, Oracle, and Teradata (which will be released as Web downloads after RTM on the Feature Pack page) will work only with Enterprise/Developer/Evaluation editions.
  • Otherwise, there is no change to the list of existing components that are included in Enterprise only (Data Mining Query transformation,  Fuzzy Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping Transformations, Term Extraction and Term Lookup transformations, Data Mining Model Training destination, Dimension Processing destination, Partition Processing destination).

When programming the API, you can only use programmatically the components and features that are installed and supported by the SKU where your code is running. For example, you can't programmatically run a package that includes Lookup on a Workgroup server, or run a package that includes Fuzzy Lookup on a Standard server. Express now installs the managed assemblies in the GAC only, and not on disk in the SDK folder, so programming the SSIS API on a computer with Express is not normally possible because you can't reference the needed assemblies.




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Hmmm. I have installed the SQL Express edition but if I want to create DTSX packages I cant. I am prompted to install SSIS from Std Edition? Any comments on this?


Deon, SSIS is not included with SQL Server Express. SSIS and several other components in the Std or Enterprise box are simply not things that Microsoft is willing to give away for free. If you download Evaluation Edition, at least you can explore it for a while. To my knowledge, there is no [legal] way to obtain SSIS at no cost. I'm not familiar with SQL Server pricing (or MSDN subscriptions), so I don't personally know what's the most affordable way to acquire SSIS.   -Doug

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