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Have you seen all the recent articles, videos, & samples for Integration Services? In the future, we hope to offer you an RSS feed for this purpose, but we're not there yet. For now, I hope that you find this list useful, especially since it was painfully tedious to create!

(Note: When I look at this blog posting in Internet Explorer, I get an unexpected warning from the IE Phishing filter...probably because of all the hyperlinks set to open in a new window. I can reassure you that the only danger on this page is eye strain.)

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Get started with Integration Services by creating a basic package. Creating a Basic Package video
Learn how to use the Import and Export Wizard, which can also be used to create a pre-configured package. Exporting SQL Server Data to Excel video
Migrate DTS packages by using the built-in Package Migration Wizard, or a third-party tool with additional features. Migrating DTS Packages to Integration Services article
Figure out how to use the Web Service Task, with a simple real-world walkthrough. How to: Call a Web Service by Using the Web Service Task video
Move a high volume of data efficiently. Considerations for High Volume ETL Using SQL Server Integration Services article
Apply best practices in my ETL projects, especially for high performance. Top 10 SQL Server Integration Services Best Practices article
Deploy packages more successfully by making the best use of configurations and other deployment options. Understanding Integration Services Package Configurations
Defining a Configuration Approach for Integration Services Packages
Best Practices for Integration Services Configurations
Reuse connections effectively across multiple packages by choosing between configurations and Data Sources. Reusing Connections with Data Sources and Configurations article
Profile my data by using the new Data Profiling Task How to: Use the Data Profiling Task video
Take advantage of the new caching features in the Lookup Transformation. How to: Implement a Lookup Transformation in Full Cache Mode video
Write code to extend my packages by using the built-in Script Task, or a third-party tool with additional features. Extending Integration Services with the Script Task and Script Task Plus article
Profile the quality of my data from within a package by writing T-SQL queries, or by using a specialized third-party tool. Managing Data Quality with Integration Services and Data Quality Manager article
Bulk load data to or from Oracle or Teradata using Integration Services (for SQL Server Enterprise & Developer only). Microsoft Connectors for Oracle and Teradata download
Bulk load data to or from SAP BI 7.0 using Integration Services (for SQL Server Enterprise & Developer only). Find "Microsoft Connector 1.0 for SAP BI " on this page:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack, October 2008
Perform "upserts" efficiently by taking advantage of the new T-SQL MERGE keyword in my packages. MERGE Destination Sample sample
Export data into XML documents. XML Destination Sample sample
Use Regular Expressions to parse the data that I'm loading into my package. Regular Expression Flat File Source Sample sample
Import data from delimited flat files, with handling for missing columns. Delimited File Reader Source Sample sample
Write code to generate Integration Service packages dynamically. Dynamic Package Generation Sample sample
Write code using the Integration Services managed API to create packages dynamically and to write custom tasks,
sources, transformations, and destinations.
Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Integration Services samples
Program a custom task with a user interface similar to the built-in tasks. Hello World Task Sample sample
Load data to or from Sharepoint lists. SharePoint List Source and Destination sample
Import WMI data about my system. WMI Source Component Sample sample
Load data to or from "the cloud", that is, SQL Data Services. SQL Server Data Services Source and Destination sample
Play with SQL Server's new support for spatial data inside the data flow of a package. Spatial Data Flow Component Samples sample
Talk to BizTalk from my packages. BizTalk to Integration Services Samples sample


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Rafael Salas

Great deal Doug, I hope you keep this list updated.


this absolutely what you need as a begginer


Thanks Doug!! Really helpful links....just keep this list updated....



Thanks a lot Doug.. I googled a lot and at last got what all I wanted for SSIS here.