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Hey, someone finally told those Marketing folks that there's something other than coffee mugs and polo shirts! But I wasn't expecting...US postage stamps! Sure enough, now you can mail your bill payments with a SQL Server 2008 stamp...

Click the Microsoft link at this URL

You'll notice that YOU can create your own stamps too...only $17.99 for a sheet of 20 - $0.42 first class stamps, and the price goes down if you order more than 1 sheet. I'm using my widely-recognized artistic talents to design some more now...

1. It's hard to pick a graphic that conveys the full beauty of SSIS...

2. Sandy was my mom's pet groundhog back in Pennsylvania. Yes, pet groundhog.


3. And of course...



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Quoth my wife: "I'd buy those.

Just so you know, my kids now want to rename our fattest cat "Fat Kitty" too.

Phil Brammer

Very cool indeed!  I think I can come up with a few packages that convey SSIS quite nicely.....  ;)