New Excel components out in beta from Cozyroc

Yesterday (6/7/2010), Ivan Peev of Cozyroc announced the beta release of version 1.5 of SSIS+, Cozyroc's suite of custom components for SQL Server Integration Services. The new components for Excel in SSIS caught my attention. The announcement summarizes this new release as follows:

"The new version includes components for integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enhanced tasks and connections for handling emails, enhanced support of Microsoft Excel workbook files and components for integration with Microsoft SharePoint service."

New Excel Task

The new Cozyroc components for Excel in SSIS include not only connection manager, source, and destination, but a new Excel Task. This new Excel Task supports an impressive list of management actions that you may want to perform while working with Excel workbooks and worksheets:

Load from stream
Save to stream
Get worksheets list
New worksheet
Rename worksheet
Delete worksheet
Clear worksheet
Delete Columns
Delete Rows
Find cell
Replace cell

How are the Cozyroc components better or different?

I asked Ivan to help me understand how the Cozyroc components provide features and value that are not found in the Excel components shipped by Microsoft "in the box." Here are the main things he called out:

  • One and same components for working with Excel 97-2010 workbooks. Also supports Pocket Excel.
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit execution.
  • Can stream in-memory data in/out without need for intermediate files.
  • Can also open and modify password-protected workbooks.
  • Doesn't try to guess the format of the Excel columns, like the Microsoft Jet component. The user has complete freedom to define what is the input column type. Our guess is that this single feature will probably resolve most of the issues people have when working with Excel worksheets.
  • Have ability to read both the formatted and raw value in the Excel worksheet.
  • [Excel Task] Includes functionality for maintaining workbooks like creation, deleting, clearing of worksheets, deletion of rows, columns, search and replace of worksheet cells.

Download the trial

I'm supposed to be working on my annual performance review, so I have not yet given the new Cozyroc components a fair trial. Consider downloading them to try them out for yourself, then improving the final release with your feedback to Cozyroc.

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