Learn more about Data Profiling in SQL 2008: A compilation

Microsoft Research contributed the Data Profiling Task and Data Profile Viewer to Integration Services in SQL Server 2008. Best of all, this feature is available in all editions of SQL Server that include SSIS, and not just in Enterprise. Learn more about this new task from the following resources.

By their nature, SSIS package developers see the XML output from the Data Profiling task, and immediately want to process it in an SSIS package! I've marked the 3 relevant resources below with an asterisk (*). Each one demonstrates a different approach.

Microsoft resources

Community resources

These are only intended to be some highlights that I was able to find easily...

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Ira Warren Whiteside

I would like to share the new Melissa Data SSIS Total Data Quality Toolkit TDQ-IT, including SSIS 2005/2008 Data Profiling.

TDQ-IT offers a wide range of SSIS 2005/2008 data transformation and cleansing functionality including profiling, parsing, cleansing, matching and monitoring functionality built right in to SSIS. And, TDQ-IT leverages SSIS to provide a flexible, effective solution for your organization’s data quality and master data management (MDM) initiatives.  Request a free trial today.


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