Import EBCDIC in SSIS packages with updated Lysine 1.1

You can now import EBCDIC data more reliably in SQL Server Integration Services packages with version 1.1 of "Lysine", just announced by Patrick & Ben at Amino Software. If you work with EBCDIC dta, what's in it for you?

"The major benefits of Lysine are two-fold:

  1. It saves you from having to write a pre-processor to unpack and convert the binary data.
  2. It prevents you from having to pre-process the data saving an extra, and many times costly, trip through the data."

Here's the features list from their Web site:


  • Conversion of EBCDIC Field Types
    • Comp3
    • Zoned
    • Redefines
    • Occurs
    • Occurs Depending On
  • Realtime preview of data as file definition is setup in an intuitive UI
  • Inline processing of data -- a single pass through the data.

 Since I don't know much about EBCDIC, I'll just give you Patrick's own words announcing the new release:

Lysine 1.1 is here!


With this release we have major performance improvements as well as new features and bux fixes added in response to the tremendous feedback we've received from the community.


Release Notes:

  * Decimal place bug fixed

  * Null bytes in data fixed

  * Default Redefine set naming bug fixed

  * New Binary (comp) field for raw integers added

  * Filler columns with garbage characters option added

  * Major performance improvements (now processing close to 1.5 MB/sec)



Download from here: http://aminosoftware.com/lysine/download/.


For those of you who are already running Lysine 1.0 (either in trial mode or in production), you'll want to grab the following upgrade (free upgrade for licensed customers):





For those who have been waiting on any of the features or bug fixes listed above, grab the trial install:





As always, we appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing your feedback about this new release!



Comments (2) -

Patrick Altman

Those download links are outdated and no longer work.

Please visit http://aminosoftware.com/lysine/download/ for latest.


I've corrected the download link in the body of the blog post. Thanks, Patrick.