Your vote on Microsoft Connect influenced SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

Your vote counts on Microsoft Connect!

The SQL Server product team looked closely at Connect bugs from our customers to plan the fixes that will be included in SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1. After setting aside feature requests (DCRs), they started at the top of bugs with the most votes, and worked their way down (in number of votes) until they reached the limit of what can realistically be fixed in time for SP1. It was time and resources that decided the number of bugs to fix, not a predetermined magic number of votes, so the cutoff point itself isn't very significant. But it would not have been out of reach to get "your" bug on the list! Especially if, say, you, your best friend, and Snow White's dwarves had all voted for it.

This recent blog post by SSIS and BI blogger Todd McDermid tells you what Connect is all about. The link is easy to remember: To sign in, you need a Windows Live ID.

Your vote may help to add a high-value bug fix to Service Pack 2!



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Todd McDermid

Can you tell us if there will be any features added to SP1?  (And what's a DCR?)


NO NEW FEATURES IN SERVICE PACKS is the current policy of the Microsoft SQL Server product team. That's why the 1st step in looking at Connect bugs for SP1 was to set aside DCRs (Change Requests), and to focus on defects.

Someone with the mindset of a Dilbert reader, however, might assume that wily critters are already looking for ways to climb over, tunnel under, sneak around, or chew a hole through a policy of that nature. "It's not a new feature, it's a bug fix!"

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