Where is Excel Part 3?

Coming later today after proofreading. Please don't anticipate miracles - some of the issues with the Excel driver simply don't have solutions or workarounds that are satisfactory in all cases.

You forgot something in one of your blog posts

Please comment! I've enabled anonymous comments on the blog, rather than miss your valuable input by forcing you to "join". However I moderate comments to avoid spam or anything inappropriate.

What's that on your face?

The fat furry fuzzball in the little thumbnail with me is the Fat Kitty, my research assistant. Here we are thinking up new blog posts. Almost time for her annual trip to the vet, and my annual scolding for feeding her too much. Disregard the fact that she stretches across half the body of an adult human!

Who is the world's best black and white photographer?

Jesse, of course.

What's for dinner?

Lamb shanks braised in red wine with polenta. At heart I'm an Italian peasant. This is a great polenta cookbook:

What is cheap Merlot great for?

No, not headaches! The best sangria, according to the experts at Cooks Illustrated. (Full article requires login)


Well, that's enough trivia for one day. Have a great weekend!


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1) Very cool - parts 1 and 2 were excellent!

2) Comments are good.

3) That is one BIG Fat Kitty!

4) Are Jesse's photos (particularly the diner one) the ones that are included with Windows Vista?

5) When should I show up for dinner?

6) Please make sure the sangria is well chilled!