Welcome to my Dougbert blog at its new address

The address of my Dougbert blog has changed slightly. Please re-subscribe to my blog feed at this new address:

I plan to continue blogging about SSIS and other SQL Server features.

I will not be posting any more on the old blog (http://dougbert.com/blogs/dougbert/). I intend to leave the past posts there. If you've saved or shared links to my past blog posts, they should remain valid.

Why the change?

  1. I now work on SQL Server technologies other than SSIS on the documentation team at Microsoft. So this blog will expand beyond just SSIS.
  2. My old blog used the free version of Community Server software. This has been discontinued and is now about 3 years old. I wanted to switch before the software died and took my blog down with it. I'm now up and running on BlogEngine.Net 2.0.

Thank you for continuing to follow me.