Webcast: Unlock the spatial data stored in Microsoft SQL Server

(I received this invitation at Microsoft, and was encouraged to invite my "customers and partners." First, take a look at this output from the DataConnector to whet your appetite...)

Understanding Web Mapping and Data Visualization using DataConnector

Attend this webcast and learn how SQL Server 2008 can help you visualize your data on a map using a free download called DataConnector. You’re most likely already familiar with SQL Server support for spatial data and now with DataConnector viewing this data on a map from Microsoft Bing is even easier. In no time at all using DataConnector you’ll be a wizard at displaying your organization’s geospatial data on a map or image of the world!

DataConnector can help you:

1.       View SQL Server 2008 spatial data on a map or image of the world

2.       Create lines and polygons (right on the map!) and store them to SQL Server 2008

3.       Save your organization money leveraging the Microsoft software you most likely already own

4.       Utilize vector and raster data and query/display this data rapidly

We’ll discuss how to show polygons (e.g. states, counties etc) and point data (e.g. customer locations) and other features such as thematic and heat maps.  SQL Server 2008 and SQL Azure have rich spatial data features such as spatial data types for storage, indexing and query capabilities DataConnector allows you to make use of these built in functionalities at no extra cost.

This web cast will introduce DataConnector and relevant components, and we will deep dive on Microsoft Bing Maps and Microsoft SQL Server 2008’s spatial features and APIs. We will demonstrate the sample DataConnector UI features and how to setup and get started with developing a solution leveraging DataConnector.

Length: 60-minutes

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Details on Data Connector on Code Plex: