Webcast: Managing SSIS Package Deployments with PowerShell

Sign up to watch Session 18 of "24 Hours of PASS" on Wednesday, May 19th. This is the only SSIS session out of 24...understandable, maybe, since there are no new SSIS features in SQL Server 2008 R2 "Kilimanjaro."

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Here's the session description, copied and pasted from the site:

Session 18: Sean McCown
Sean McCown , a SQL Server MVP, has been involved with SQL Server since 1995, working with multi-terabyte, high-transaction databases since before they were popular. He’s a Contributing Editor and the sole database expert for InfoWorld Magazine.
Presenting: MANAGING SSIS PACKAGE DEPLOYMENTS WITH POWERSHELL. Learn how to manage SSIS package deployments in PowerShell. Learn how to change package configurations, enforce standards, deploy to multiple locations, and more.