Using PowerShell with SSIS: A compilation

All the buzz over Windows PowerShell has aroused my curiosity, but it's hard to justify spending the time to learn it if it doesn't have something to do with SQL Server Integration Services. So I tried to dig up some justification by searching around for "PowerShell AND SSIS". There's not much so far, but here's what I found...

General discussion

Buck Woody (Microsoft): Why would I use PowerShell when I have SSIS, stored procs, batch files and other mechanisms?

MVP Jamie Thomson: What are the respective strengths of SSIS and PowerShell for importing data etc?

Specific tasks and solutions

Scott Whigham at LearnItFirst.com: How to Execute SSIS Packages In Windows PowerShell (VIDEO)

Richard Case at Conchango: Calling PowerShell scripts from the SSIS Script Task

MVP Darren Gosbell: Modifying an existing package by using PowerShell

Steve Fibich: Use PowerShell to see what SSIS packages DTEXEC is running

Steve Fibich: Use PowerShell to arrange SSIS packages in a Visual Studio solution in alphabetical order


The PowerShell home page on the Microsoft Web site is here:

The PowerShell home page in SQL Server 2008 Books Online is here: