Updated component: Refresh SSRS reports directly from an SSIS package

My German's a little rusty, but I still try to follow the German-language SSIS blog by Tillman Eitelberg of Bonn, Germany. In yesterday's posting, he talks about his Report Generator Task project on Codeplex (in English). Many of you have probably discovered this custom task already on your own.

The Report Generator task lets you load and transform a data set in your SSIS package, then regenerate a (pre-existing) SSRS report with that data. You can save the report output in Excel or PDF format, and optionally display it on the screen. You could easily attach a Send Mail task and distribute the fresh report by email.

Here's a sample screenshot. There are a few more screenshots on the Codeplex page.

The beta of version 1.5 of the task now supports generating a server report, and not just a local (*.rdlc) report:



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You may want to try the Bing translation tool, when viewing the German-language SSIS blog by Tillman Eitelberg.  The tool does a fair job of translating the text in to English.