Top Connect issues recently for SSIS

This afternoon I was testing to see whether I had VSTS installed correctly, and I clicked on one of my saved queries for Microsoft Connect items related to Integration Services. Whoa! People are NOT happy about the incompatibility with Visual Studio 2010 that Jeff Bernhardt recently addressed on the team blog!

In fact, it looks like there were 97 things that people haven't been happy about in the last 90 days. Here are those 97 things, sorted in descending order by number of votes. I was going to omit those with only 2 votes, then those with only 1 vote, but finally decided to include them all. (I truncated a few titles.) You can search for the numeric ID in the Search box on the Connect site.

If you haven't already voted for those that are important to you, please visit the Connect site. I mentioned once before how your votes do indeed count toward what gets fixed.

Connect ID Title Up votes in last 90 days
508552 SSIS VS2010 project type 137
543945 [SSIS] TOKEN(string, tokeniser_string, occurence) function 20
553088 Dataflow unused columns 18
562082 [SSIS] View variable dependancies 12
542924 [SSIS] BULK MERGE Destination 12
557402 SSMS : Can no longer create or edit job steps - DTSExecUI - Creating an instance of the COM component... 10
544304 [SSIS] Parallel ForEach Loop 10
295885 SSIS: Execute Package Task should support parameters 8
560592 Flat File Connection Manager not handling Text Delimiters in CSV Files 7
560470 SSIS: Add Raw File Data Source To Import/Export Wizard 7
357045 Improve support for Spatial Data Sources 6
544309 SSIS: Allow Parallel Executions of ProcessInput for Scripts and Custom Components 5
341880 SSIS: New [System::PackageLocation] variable please 3
303815 SSIS: XML Destination Adapter 3
308794 ET: Enable Undo in SSIS package designer 3
338609 Reusable Package Parts 3
526701 SSIS -- Allow an ADO.NET variable to be used as the source/destination 3
483175 failure because of Warning about null aggregation 3
311852 SSIS Aggregate Transform Should Allow MIN/MAX On Strings 3
352228 Add /SetBefore and /SetAfter switches to DTEXEC 3
543931 SSIS: DISTINCT component 3
550349 SSIS lookup does not have option to ignore whitespace 3
554514 Error with xml datatype in OLE DB Commands using SQLNCLI10.1 3
544939 [SSIS] View SSIS log provider output alongside profiler trace output 3
231838 'Check if file Exists' operation in SSIS File System Task 2
281398 Flat File adapter does not support embedded qualifier 2
378459 SSIS100: XML Data Flow Source Component Doesn't Handle Invalid XML Data Correctly 2
348790 SSIS lookup: Allow less than and greater than join operators with Full/partial cache support 2
422267 SQL agent DCOM errors Event ID 10016 2
375583 Extend Raw File Metadata to include Sort Order 2
425788 SSIS Data Flow "Sequence Container" Needed 2
398630 SSIS: Remove Sorted Input Requirement from Merge Join Component 2
559451 SSIS -> Flat File Connection Manager -> Preview -> Data Rows To Skip should only be evaluated at design time. 2
368211 ADO NET Source component does not recognize schema changes 2
488387 Fuzzy lookup triggers SQLDUMPER, even with very small dataset with Run64BitRuntime set to false 2
530442 [SSIS] OLE DB Command should support MERGE 2
551090 SSIS - Systemvariable Cancel in OnError 2
553217 SSIS - Event OnExecStatusChanged 2
560628 Copy & Paste - SSIS components into a container -> broken layout 2
552408 For-Each File Enumeration selecting files with wrong extension 2
542509 SSIS Error log component 2
127229 Case Insensitive LookUp and MergeJoin 1
226188 SSIS: General improvements required for expression editor 1
378267 SSIS : Allow for validation to be stopped on package loading 1
321276 SSIS Execute Package task - specifying connection to package in file system 1
484122 SSIS Connection Managers Should be Referenced by Name not just by GUID 1
225974 Create an empty raw file with required metadata 1
471287 Extend function library and allow User Defined functions for SSIS Derived Column Transformation 1
207395 SSIS: Make container stack available 1
471478 SSIS - Allow User to Suppress Truncation Warning When Using REPLACE or REPLICATE 1
307270 SSIS: Dynamic lookup cache 1
497330 BIDS SSIS Data Flow Designer should look distinquishable from Control Flow Designer 1
126489 Execute a container regardless of checkpoint 1
362916 Excel data source doesn't allow .xlsm connections 1
333034 Suppress Maintenance Plan/SSIS basic logging to Windows Event Log 1
456983 Programmatic execution of SSIS package with impersonation 1
381681 SSIS100: FailParentOnFailure / FailPackageOnFailure Are Erroneously Regarded To Be Always True 1
351786 SSIS DateTime Variable Precision 1
231693 ET: Allow values to be copied from data viewer when running SSIS in BI Studio 1
357266 SSIS 2008 RC0: DTS_E_OLEDBERROR for Informix Ole DB Provider 1
380145 SSIS100 BI Studio: XML Data Flow Source Component: Impossible To Alter XSD Once Assigned 1
341692 MSFT - EDW: SSIS XML Source - chaning 1 field type in the schema results in invalidating all outputs 1
488944 SSIS Lookup - Add Capability to Specify "No Match" Value Per Lookup Column 1
354192 Import Wizard fails with UTF8 files containing fields longer than 4000 characters 1
498689 Variable Calculation Task 1
525477 SQL Server 2008 Import/Export Wizard type mapping  fails 1
483525 SQL Server and SSIS sorts data with multiple hypens differently 1
509497 Export to fixed width flat files with row delimiters 1
509904 Control Flow task with multiple connections has precedence constraints auto-redrawn into spaghetti. 1
508253 SQL Server Agent/SSIS on 64-bit platforms 1
521172 The SaveToSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x80004005 1
126479 Can't differrentiate between multiple instances of a task running in parallel 1
510319 SSIS Metadata refreshing by a user command 1
532481 Add option to open an SSIS package directly form the SSIS store on the server 1
238977 SSIS: Expose DtsContainer properties 1
551502 Selecting Int16 in the Variables window for a new variable results in strange behavior 1
562237 SSIS For Each Loop ignoring one entry in collection 1
547555 SSIS Parse paramaters in sql command 1
552413 SSIS XML Source Adapter converts empty string into NULL 1
323949 SSIS: Make FINDSTRING like CHARINDEX - Give it a Start Pos 1
422283 SQL Server 2008 - SSIS package Fails to open files on network servers 1
549232 Transfer SQL Server Objects Task does not transfer extended properties of Stored Procedures 1
453603 SSIS Suggestion: Allow Web Service Task to take wsdl from a variable 1
561733 MSFT: EDW - Multiple Data Flow tasks in SSIS can not use the same connection string for PDW Destination 1
553624 Delete and import from SSIS package 1
558747 SSIS Pivot Transform throwing run-time exception when for datetime2 inputs 1
554910 SSIS - Error with flat file connection - Filename "xxx" specified in the connection was not valid 1
542705 SSIS Unreliable When Reading DBF File Metadata 1
557362 SSIS 2005 - Merge Join Transformation Column Matching Right to Left 1
543836 SSIS: Rename Inputs on UNION ALL component 1
558668 SSIS - XML Source Timeout 1
552608 SSIS Execute SQL Task Fails with No Data. 1
557049 SSIS fails to preview Excel source connector due to incompatible sheet name 1
559048 SSIS Row Delimter property cannot be overridden 1
557299 UI Bug - SSIS Package Cannot be Deleted from Edit -> Del menu 1
549741 SSMS 2008 connected to 2005 server Wizard to Task export to excel slower than same using SSMS 2005 1
558080 SQL Server import export wizard identifies column data types wrongly and screws up the whole process!!! 1

Highlights of our crankiness...

  • "lots of time lost"
  • "auto-redrawn into spaghetti"
  • "screws up the whole process!!!"

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!