Store and index your documents in less than 5 minutes

This blog post describes an article that I recently published on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki titled, "Store and Index Documents in SQL Server 2012 - An End-to-End Walkthrough."

I recently published an article on the TechNet Wiki that highlights two new features in SQL Server 2012 that make it both easier and more valuable to store your documents and files in the database: FileTables, and Semantic Search.

The wiki article captures a timed walkthrough of the steps required to configure a SQL Server 2012 document storage solution from scratch. It includes a screen shot of every step.

  1. Configure an instance of SQL Server 2012 from scratch for document storage.
  2. Create and configure a new database and a new table to store documents.
  3. Copy 137 files and folders totaling 105 MB into the new table.
  4. Enable indexing of the stored documents.
  5. Demonstrate the success of our solution by running sample Full-Text and Semantic Search queries over the indexed documents.

The article also reveals how quickly this solution can be completed – in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Although I stumbled a few times while walking through the steps and timing myself, it didn't seem useful to re-do the test after such a good outcome!

I hope you'll enjoy the article, and that you'll also find it a useful how-to guide for configuring FileTables, and Full-Text and Semantic Search.