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Looks like everyone's New Year's resolution was to get their Web sites in shape!

New RSS feeds for Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content

You can now stay up to date on the latest Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content by subscribing to the RSS feeds that we've made available on the SSIS portal page on MSDN and TechNet. We've been refreshing the news on the page every 2 weeks. In our "Community Buzz" column, we bring together some of the best of SSIS blogs and Codeplex projects for you.

Improved Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Web site

This post from Guy Weismantel on The BI blog (January 9) alerted me to the facelift that the Microsoft BI Web site has undergone. There's a lot of resources and they're a LOT better organized! This site covers the entire spectrum of BI products from Microsoft, and not just the SQL Server backend components of a complete BI solution.

Improved (it's bigger!) SQL Server Web site

This post on the Data Platform Insider blog (January 15) tell us that the SQL Server site on microsoft.com has also been tidied up and enhanced. I'm sorry, but for some reason the screen shot of their enhancement made me chuckle involuntarily... (Along those lines, have you noticed Brian Knight's "How big is your package" contest? The title begs for a multitude of wisecracks which, regrettably, must be omitted here.)

BI with SQL Server 2008: Video seminars from Magenic

Dan English of Magenic posted several video seminars about Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2008, including the titles How to Make Better Decisions with your Data and Driving Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2008.

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asp.net developer

Thanks for these kinds of posts. I am an asp.net developer and I am new to SSIS so any of your posts are appreciated. I hope to see more video tutorials also. Gracias!