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If you've had a seemingly obscure problem with Integration Services, you may not be alone! Microsoft Support may already have explored it and documented it in a Knowledge Base article. Here's a list of the published KB articles for SSIS, both 2008 and 2005.

A big thanks to my buddy in Support, Jason Howell, invisible and tireless hero of SSIS, for the queries that helped me to produce these lists quickly.

Jason Howell, Microsoft CSS

Keep in mind that you can use a free service like KBAlertz to stay up to date on newly-released KB articles. Apparently you can also subscribe to a similar feed from Microsoft and refine it to SSIS, but I got this URL from Jason and don't know how to find my own way there on the Microsoft Web site: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Search/Feed.aspx?locale=en-us&format=RSS&Refinement=60%2c50&Query=SSIS.

Integration Services Knowledge Base articles at Microsoft as of Monday, January 19, 2009

To find one of these articles online, just type in the article number at http://support.microsoft.com/search/.

In some cases, the title listed here may not match the final title of the published article. The articles are listed here in descending order by article number, which should roughly correspond to "most recent first".

SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

KB Article Title
957803 FIX: DataProfileViewer cannot be started successfully in SQL Server 2008
957239 getKB - SSIS: DataProfileViewer: Unhandled Exception when click "View Single Column Profile By Column" button.
956021 Missing buttons in Chinese (Taiwan) Execute Package Utility
955762 When you migrate a script task created by using Release Candidate 0 version or Community Technology Preview of SQL Server 2008, a reference to the SQL Server Integration Services 2005 may be added to Microsoft.SqlServer.ScriptTask assembly
955796 Visual Studio 2008 Configuration Settings
955953 SSIS Data Mining Model Training Destination Cannot Persist Edits
955709 How to share a package configuration file across multiple packages in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
955724 SSIS package fails with error DTS_E_CANTCREATESPOOLFILE
955646 SSIS package crashes if VSTA is uninstalled
955713 ActiveX Script tasks in an SSIS package do not run after you uninstall SQL Server 2005 from a computer that has SQL Server 2008 installed
955643 Parsing delimited flat files with variable number of columns
955627 SSIS Data Profile Viewer can be run on 64bit machine
955645 Cannot successfully migrate script tasks or components on IA64
955715 SSIS Scripts can fail to build on machines without Windows SDK
955716 Import/Export Data Wizard mis-identifies types of columns when source is SQL Server via OLEDB and SQL query is used
955633 SSIS Packages with scripts cannot be upgraded on IA64
955632 SSIS perf counter lost during OS upgrade (from Win2K3 to LH)
955717 Commit size in OLE DB dest is changed from 0 to MAX_INT (2147483647)
955631 Yukon tools (BIDS, wizards) doesn't work in Upgrade scenario
955630 Creating Integration Services Connection Project on Workgroup/Web SKU leads to an exception
955634 SSIS Dataflow imports only 1 row from Sybase
955624 Shared components might block SQL Server 2000 upgrade to SQL Server 2008
955621 Packages with Scripts May Not Run on Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-Based Systems
955620 SQL Server 2005 Packages Fail on Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-Based Systems
955525 Dts object is no longer global in SQL 2008 Integration Services Script Tasks
955636 OleDb source adapter may receive only 1 row with Sybase Ole Db Providers

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

KB Article Title
962874 007482 Legacy DTS Designer fails to open on Vista or Longhorn
960161 getKB - [SQL 2005 CU11]: SQL 2005 Management Studio Job Step GUI omits SSIS Data Sources
956911 getKB - SQL 2005 SSIS Web Service Task times out after 100 seconds
955896 getKB - Re-mapping dialong not shown if the input for a multi-input component changes.
954159 getKB - SSIS 2005 - StackOverflowException with DTEXEC.exe on a x64 platform
953491 getKB - In case of error, SSIS duplicates data in flat file destination
952110 OutOfMemory exception when saving complex SSIS packages from Business Intelligence Design Studio
949040 getKB - SSIS  Crash : Heap Corruption in TxAgg!CAggregate
948582 getKB - Parallel executing and shared lookup task performs invalid lookup reference
945914 getKB - Package Fails When Run Rrom Windows Service with Error: Variable "System::LocaleID" is already on the read list
945899 getKB - Incorrect Data type causes truncation in 64 bit SSIS
945893 getKB - SSIS Child Packages Using Cached Script Task
945323 getKB - SQL Server 2005 - Transfer SQL Server Objects Task can drop logins from source server
944678 getKB - SQL Server Integration Service Flat File Source hangs upon error row after installing SQL Cumulative Update #2
943655 getKB - Fix: SQL 2005 Integration Services Flat File Source causes unexpected conversion errors after CU#2 build 3175 hotfix is installed
942906 getKB - Poor plan choice causing Performance Issues on SQL 2005 as compared to 2000
942905 DML operations against Fuzzy Lookup Reference Table may result in Error 6549 while executing "sp_FuzzyLookupTableMaintenanceInvoke"
942666 getKB - DTExec hangs while exporting to a flat file on 64 bit version
942665 getKB - Race condition between dtexec.exe and msdtssrvr.exe, intermittently cannot enumerate connection managers
942177 How to tell which version of SQL 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) installed
942176 SQL Server 2005 Integration Services - Information on clustering SSIS
942087 FIX: SSIS Package may fail intermittently with exception access violation in "dtspipeline.dll"
941154 PRB: The SQL Server Integration Services Pipeline Performance Counters are Missing on a 64 Bit Machine.
941151 Configure registry keys for SQLDumper to generate a full dump of SSIS
940370 getKB - Events generated by a child package but logged in a parent package no longer has a "User:" prefix
940232 Connecting to SSIS service from non-administrator accounts
940220 SSIS FTP Task may fail to delete remote files on UNIX FTP server
938608 Post SQL 2005 SP2 installation, Script Componenets in SSIS packages may fail to be edited
937969 getKB - When importing data from a flat file using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), you may receive the error "Warning: 0x8020200F at Data Flow Task, Flat File Source [1]: There is a partial row at the end of the file."
937100 SSIS Packages may fail with an error if it contains Script Component that uses VariableDispenser class
936728 FuzzyLookup transformation fails after you install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2
934653 How To create 32-bit SSIS jobs on 64-bit servers
933835 INF: SSIS Package fails to execute as a scheduled job using a SQL Agent proxy
931846 SQL Server Integration Services 2005 (SSIS) Script Task and Script Component may need to be recompiled after installing.Net security fixes
928792 getKB - Hotfix Request: Aggregate component divides the aggregations into several rows.
928324 Installation of SSIS Only On a SQL 2000 Server Causes Existing DTS Packages W/ ActiveX Scripting to Fail
928323 Fix: SQL 2005 SSIS package Script tasks and Script Components get executed in the wrong order when nested in child packages which are copied and pasted.
928319 .NET 1.0/1.1 application that uses MSXML fails after installing SQL Server 2005
928243 BUG: SSIS Package With Merge Join Transformation Hangs and Does Not Complete
926629 Unable to  Connect to SSIS in MSSMS after ONLY applying the SSIS QFE2152 in X64 machine
924016 SSIS Package Generates Exception From Concurrent Execution of Lookup Data Flow Tasks
922648 Character Data that Contains Embedded Binary Zero is Truncated During SSIS Transfer
922647 Script Task Editor Cannot Debug Referenced Class Libraries
922527 getKB - SSIS Package fails with message "Package <Package Name> has been cancelled"
922436 ContentIdea - SSIS Access Violation when using a Merge Join data flow component, when the destination experiences an error
921929 SQL 2005 Management Studio ends unexpectedly when editing a legacy DTS package and using the Build Query button to open the Data Transformation Services Query Designer
920298 getKB - Error when adding a Configuration to a Non-Solution dtsx Package File
920205 getKB - Memory Leak in MsDtsSrvr.exe
919768 getKB - SQL Server Integration Services service (MsDtsSrvr.exe) leaks memory on x64 and IA64 platforms
919131 DTS 2000 packages fail after upgrading all SQL 2000 instances to SQL 2005
918760 SSIS Package fails when executing via SQL Server Agent Job Step but succeeds outside of SQL Server Agent
918091 getKB - Project REAL -- Variable locking error when package is running without debugger. - sql hotfix 50000154
918038 Package fails when user locale is different than original package creation
917406 Unable to open DTS Packages saved from SQL2K on Win2K computers
914805 Expression on components inside a Dataflow task gets orphaned if the component is renamed
914375 getKB - Connection manager sometimes fails with 0x8004D00A ("Unable to enlist in the transaction.")
913817 Third-party apps can break SSIS component (Task/Connection/etc) object enumeration
912425 Fail to create a deployment manifest if 2 packages in the project share the same configuration file
912423 getKB - Memory Leak with Fuzzy Grouping\Fuzzy Lookup - sql hotfix 65
912421 'Invalid class string' error when attempting to execute, import, or migrate a DTS 2000 package which contains an instance of the Analysis Services Processing Task
911936 Installing SQL Server 2005 Redist package DTS  fails on Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 4 if MDAC is of version less than 2.6
911838 Script for instrumenting the flow-rate of rows through the pipeline
911821 SSIS toolbox items show with label text in the wrong language.
911003 Unable to export  a table with the SSIS Import\Export Wizard when the table name contains special characters
910891 SSIS package fails with message about insufficient product level
910890 SQLOLEDB provider to return end of rowset instead of an error when an error is encountered on the server side
910881 Unable to create a table with the SSIS Import Export wizard when the table names contain characters such as * / \ ?
910880 Unable to Export Database when the database name contains Special Characters
908460 How to add an incremental counter field to an SSIS data fow
908018 Creating package templates to re-use common objects and settings such as Connection Managers, and Log Providers
906564 Implications of duplicate package ID and the use of DTUTIL.exe to re-generate Package IDs before deploying to your production environment
906563 Behavior and lableing for log entries posted by a Child Package
906562 Considering Package Protection Level as part of your package deployment plan\best practices, and Batch editing with DTUTIL.exe
906560 Sample Script to post row counts to the windows event log
906547 How to create a dynamic subjet or message for a Send Mail Task
905617 Message field truncated to 128 characters in .trc file created by SQL Profiler log provider
904800 Error message:  Error loading [your package name]: Failed to decrypt
904798 Whenever I restart the SQL Server Integration Services Windows Service, currently executing packages are stopped?
904796 HOW TO: Ensure Support for DTS Repository Packages after Upgrading to SQL Server 2005.