SSIS and Microsoft Live Labs Pivot

Rats, I'm too late! For some time, I've been fantasizing (without doing any actual work) about the potential synergies between SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft Live Labs Pivot (not to be confused with PowerPivot). I thought that a Pivot Destination would be a fun project - writing out the .CXML collection file would not be rocket science, although manipulating the images programmatically might be, if you didn't already have them. I was wondering about creating document thumbnails, for example.

Here's a screen shot of the Pivot UI, displaying a collection...

Anyway...too late! German-language blogger Tillman Eitelberg recently became the first person that I know of to explore this subject with a sample, and the hint of more to come...even "my" Pivot Destination. The English translation provided by Bing Translator is unusually rough - even omitting at least one critical "not" - but you'll get the idea, and can still recreate the sample.

With the help of the sample code provided by the Pivot team, with existing images, and with the use of the ImageSource component from Codeplex, it only takes *one* method call in Script to populate the metadata for each image in the format required by a Pivot collection!


Congratulations to Tillman on the great work to bring these 2 cool products together!