SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack and Integration Services

Bloggers (like my pal Buck Woody on his Carpe Datum blog) are mentioning the SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack. The so-called Feature Pack is a Web page that lists many individual downloads related to SQL Server 2008. Here are some of the features of the Feature Pack, especially as they relate to Integration Services:

  • If you have SQL Server 2008, you already have many of the items listed on the Feature Pack page.
  • The only item in the list that's specific to SSIS/DTS is the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components, which includes the DTS runtime. Although you do now have to install these components manually in SQL Server 2008 (if you need them), the installer package is also available on your installation media.
  • The 2008 Feature Pack page does NOT include the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer Components. You can still use the version found on the SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack page with SQL Server 2008. At some point, the download available from that page will be "refreshed" with an updated version. That update will include a bug fix to make the DTS Designer work more reliably on Windows Vista. This installer package is not on your installation media.
  • The new connectivity components for SAP BI, Oracle, and Teradata that Matt Masson has described are going to be released on the Web separately from the Feature Pack, around SQL Server 2008 "street date".

You won't hear from me for about 2 weeks while I'm away on vacation. Best to all,


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Here's an adjustment to the last bullet point:

The coming SAP BI connectivity components WILL be released on the Feature Pack Web page.

The Oracle and Teradata components will be released for download on a separate Web page, around the same time.