Running PowerShell tasks from an SSIS task

In an earlier blog post, I noted that there hasn't been much buzz about performing SSIS-related tasks with Windows PowerShell.

But what if you want to perform PowerShell tasks with SSIS? A PowerShell Task for SSIS was released recently just for this purpose by /n Software. From their Web site:

"The PowerShell SSIS Task is the 'swiss army knife' of SQL Server automation. It can be used to create highly-flexible SQL Server workflow solutions via easily configurable PowerShell scripts. When PowerShell SSIS Task is executed through SSIS workflow it executes a preconfigured PowerShell script and passes the input as a parameter. Each instance of the task on a package can define a different PowerShell script to execute. The script can be used to analyze the message, perform calculations, write to a file, execute external programs, and more!"

Read more and download a free trial at: