Off topic: Programmatically creating a tag cloud in C#

Today I searched for sample code for creating a tag cloud, for a little project that I have in mind. Assuming that you already have tags (or categories) and a weighting factor, you may find these code samples and user controls interesting. Most of them target Web output, understandably. Not yet sure how much effort would be required to create a Silverlight or XAML tag cloud.

  • Creating a Tag Cloud in C# on, 2006. Code for an ASP.NET User Control, with formatting provided by CSS. Download link for source code no longer works, but all or most of the code appears to be shown in the article.
  • Creating a Tag Cloud in ASP.NET on, 2006. Outputs HTML markup with font scaling programmatically. Source code download available.
  • Amazing Tag Cloud Control on Codeplex, 2007. Not much information, and the links to samples no longer work. Source code download still available.
  • The tag cloud on Codeplex, 2008. Version 1.1. "The code is written in C# 3.0 using some of the latest language features like Linq, object initializers and Lambda expressions." Source code download available.

In one forum posting, someone suggested taking the WordCloud project and converting its output to HTML. This project uses some data visualization components from Microsoft Research that I didn't know about.

Since I had to save all these links for myself, I thought I'd share them too.


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