Off topic? Pretty charts, and SSIS in Siberia

I was crushed by the news that Microsoft AdCenter Analytics was being discontinued. As a beta user, I'd enjoyed the pretty charts about visits to my blog. Where was I going to get pretty charts now (without implementing BI of my own, at least)?

So I added the free ClustrMaps widget to my page (you'll see it in the right-hand sidebar if you scroll down far enough), and I think the results are fascinating:

Random observations...

  • See that dot out there in Siberia, on the Mongolian border? Wouldn't it be interesting to know what SQL Server BI is going on there?
  • 7 times more visits from Poland than from English-speaking Ireland?
  • Hey, some of these countries didn't exist when I did geography in school! (Where'd the Austro-Hungarian Empire go, anyway? I let my Point de Vue subscription lapse and look what happens.)
  • Out of those 84 visits from Italy, someone must need me to come over to, uh, consult over wine and antipasti, right?

 Happy Monday,