New book: Learn some SSIS, help children affected by war

"SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," a result of collaboration among 53 SQL Server MVP's and others, is now available for pre-order. The authors are generously donating all their royalties to a charity for children affected by war.

Find out more about the book here:
(9/29/09: If you were one of the very first readers this morning, sorry about the mis-typed URL. It's working now.)

The book contains the following 4 chapters on SQL Server Integration Services:

56. Incorporating data profiling in the ETL process by John Welch
57. Expressions in SQL Server Integration Services by Matthew Roche
58. SSIS performance tips by Phil Brammer
59. Incremental loads using T-SQL and SSIS by Andy Leonard

To quote from the publisher: "This is not an ordinary SQL Server Book. SQL Server MVP Deep Dives brings together the world's most highly-regarded SQL Server experts to create a masterful collection of tips, techniques, and experience-driven best practices for SQL Server development and administration. These SQL Server MVPs—53 in all—each selected a topic of great interest to them, and in this unique book, they share their knowledge and passion with you."

Bless the 4 SSIS MVPs who contributed! (Note that Matthew Roche is now a Microsoft employee and no longer an MVP, but still an occasional SSIS blogger.) Learn more from these authors by following their blogs:

- Doug



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Rich Jones

Thanks for the heads up!  Purchased, and had a quick scan through already, some useful stuff in there!  About to head to the US for a couple of weeks, so will be good reading on the flight!



Aw, I just bought it this morning at full price!  Never mind, I'm sure it's worth it!


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