New SSIS samples from dev team and doc team

While the Integration Services development team has been busy finishing the custom component and code samples that Matt Masson recently blogged about, my hard-working colleague Carla Sabotta has been wrapping up a couple new package samples along with a new tutorial that walks through the steps of using the Import and Export Wizard. The dev team's code samples are largely intended for developers, while the package samples and tutorials are intended to benefit beginning users of Integration Services. Carla's new samples include:

1. A tricky issue: Parameters and result sets in the Execute SQL Task

Execute SQL Parameters and Result Sets Sample. "The Execute SQL Parameters and Result Sets sample is a package that uses a parameterized stored procedure and an SQL statement to query the AdventureWorks database. The package stores the query results in package variables by mapping parameters and result sets to the variables."

2. A new feature: The enhanced Lookup transformation

Lookup Transformation Sample. "The Lookup Transformation sample is a sample Integration Services package that implements the Lookup transformation in full cache mode using the Cache connection manager. The transformation performs lookups on a reference dataset that is stored in a text file."

3. A much-requested walkthrough: Stepping through the Import and Export Wizard

Exporting from ODBC to a Flat File Using a Wizard Tutorial. "Briefly, the Export ODBC Lesson is a data transfer package that exports data from a SQL Server ODBC data source to an existing text file. The package extracts the data from a table in the AdventureWorks database and loads this data into the text file." Note that this Codeplex link contains only the package for use with the tutorial; the tutorial itself is found in SQL Server Books Online. As of today 8/21/08, this BOL update is not yet published online; when the new tutorial appears, it will be found in this section.