Metadata-driven dynamic data flows for SSIS, and new adapters

This post describes the enhancements in the latest release of a third-party library for SQL Server Integration Services.

Support for SQL Server 2012, a long list of new source and destination adapters, and metadata-driven dynamic data flows are the highlights of version 1.6 of the SSIS+ library from CozyRoc, just released in beta.

Ivan Peev of CozyRoc describes the significance of this new release:

Our hope is that this new release [of the SSIS+ library] will make the SSIS platform easier to accept and use in many more integration scenarios.

We are especially excited about the new SQL Server 2012, because our belief is that this release [of SQL Server and SSIS] will finally change the minds of people to start upgrading their aging SQL Server 2000 installations.

Let’s take a moment and look at these new features:

  • SQL Server 2012 support
  • New source and destination adapters
  • Dynamic data flows

SQL Server 2012 support in CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.6

All the SSIS components in SSIS+ 1.6 can be used in SQL Server 2012 “Denali.”

There are customers in the Microsoft TAP early adopters program who have already been using SSIS+ in their SQL Server 2012 installations for 6 months or more.

New source and destination adapters in CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.6

SSIS+ version 1.6 now lets you load or save data to and from the following sources and destinations:

  • Teradata bulk-load destination component
  • QuickBooks source & destination adapters
  • Sage source & destination adapters
  • Dynamics GP source & destination adapters
  • OpenAir source & destination adapters
  • NetSuite source & destination adapters
  • SugarCRM source & destination adapters
  • Dynamics NAV source & destination adapters

Dynamic data flows in CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.6

In the previous versions of SSIS+, we supported only data flow sources and destinations dynamically. Scenarios like transferring hundreds of tables from one server to another were very easy to accomplish with only one data flow task. We have extended the dynamic capability to now support all built-in and all CozyRoc transformations to be configured and controlled from outside.

Essentially it is now possible to implement entirely metadata driven data flows without any programming. This was previously only possible by constructing SSIS packages programmatically in code.

Pick from these sources for more information about dynamic data flows with SSIS+:

  • Dynamic Data Flow feature information page. This is the documentation for the dynamic data flow. There is also a sample package at the bottom of the page, which is the same package that Cozyroc uses to test the dynamic transformations.
  • Video demo by MVP Jamie Thomson. Note that this video demonstrates the functionality from a previous release, when it was required to have at least one common column between data flows. This is no longer required. It is now possible to have completely dynamic data flows.
  • Blog post by a Data Architect at Northwestern University. “I began tearing into the CozyRoc control flow and data flow components and found exactly what I was looking for. ... Whoah.  Hold up.  We can now dynamically map columns and run n-iterations of this task in parallel?  Sign me up.  With that I could unleash our server on poor, unsuspecting source systems in no time flat.  If we could do that, then we could replace hundreds of packages with just two packages.” [author’s emphasis]

Download a free trial of the SSIS+ 1.6 beta

… from the CozyRoc products page.


I hope you find this information useful! I like to do my part to support the SSIS ecosystem outside of Microsoft.