How to follow a German SSIS blog in English

Did you know that there's an active SSIS blog in German by Tillman Eitelberg from Bonn in Germany? You can read it in [imperfect] English by using the Microsoft translator in your browser.

First, here's the blog:

The Microsoft translator will open the German page side-by-side with a page where it provides the [imperfect] English translation, like this:

And how to you accomplish this?

If you have the Windows Live toolbar installed (search for "download Windows Live Essentials"), then you have the "Translate This" button just a click away:

If you don't have the Windows Live toolbar installed, you can go to and paste the URL of the foreign-language site into the box on the left.

As you explore Tillman's site, you probably won't have to know German to recognize that the "freie Komponenten" category mentions some free SSIS custom components that the author has developed or blogged out.