How stopwords affect Property Search in SQL Server 2012 Full-Text Search

This post describes the effects of stopwords when indexing and querying document properties in SQL Server 2012 Full-Text Search.

SQL Server 2012 Full-Text Search introduces the ability to search explicitly for document properties – such as Author, or even the Template that was used for a Microsoft Word document. For more information about property search, see the links later in this post.

How stopwords affect the indexing and querying of document properties

There's a very simple answer here – your results will be consistent, because the same rule is applied both when the property values are indexed, and when you query against them. That is, the stopwords are dropped out.

The stopwords in the property values are not indexed, and the stopwords are likewise removed from your query. For example:

  1. Title property of document – "A Good Story"
  2. What gets indexed – "good story"
  3. You query for – "a good story" or "the good story"
  4. Query results – "a" and "the" are removed, and the query successfully finds the title "A Good Story" by searching for "good story," which is exactly what was indexed.

More information about Property Search in SQL Server 2012 Full-Text Search

For more information about Property Search, see:


I hope you find this new feature in SQL Server 2012 useful! Look for more blog posts to come about property search.