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Here are the top Microsoft Support Knowledge Base articles that SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) customers have been reading. You may find them useful also.

This time I've simply sorted the list from most viewed to least view, for the cumulative timeframe of FY06 through the incomplete F09. Yet one more big thank-you to my buddy Jason Howell, the SSIS guru in Microsoft Support, for sending us this additional list.

KB No. Title
269074 INF: How to Run a DTS Package as a Scheduled Job
319951 HOW TO: Transfer Data to Excel by Using SQL Server Data Transformation Services
917406 Error message when you try to modify a SQL Server 2000 DTS package in SQL Server 2005: "The DTS host failed to load or save the package properly"
889170 FIX: You receive a "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" error message when you run a Data Transformation Services  package in SQL Server 2000
828308 FIX: An Internet Explorer script error occurs when you access metadata information by using DTS in SQL Server Enterprise Manager
905417 FIX: Error message when you try to open SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages in  SQL Server Management Studio: "SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer components are required to edit DTS packages"
288910 PRB: "Invalid class string" error message when opening DTS package
830773 FIX: You receive an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error message when you try to save a DTS package in SQL Server 2000
221193 How to install Data Transformation Services (DTS) Event Handlers in Visual Basic
240221 HOW TO: Handle Errors in Data Transformation Services "Package" and "Step" Objects
298725 PRB: Scheduled DTS Package Fails With "Permission Denied: CreateObject"
919131 You may experience problems when you try to run a SQL Server 2000 DTS package after you upgrade all the instances of SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005
323685 HOW TO: Troubleshoot DTS Packages That You Run from Visual Basic Applications
818540 FIX: SQL Server Enterprise Manager unexpectedly quits when you modify a DTS package
308801 FIX: DTSRUN Fails with Errors If the Arguments Have Multiple Space Characters Between Them
236605 PRB: DTS Wizard may not detect Excel column type for mixed data in SQL Server
247527 FIX: DTS May Truncate Characters When You Export a Table Column of Character Data Type to a Text File
814113 FIX: DTS Designer may generate an access violation after you install SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3
322746 PRB: Data Transformation Services Jobs May Fail Because the Path for Dtsrun.exe Cannot Be Found
282463 Managing permissions for DTS packages in an Enterprise environment
308267 FIX: DTS Copy Objects Task (DMO) breaks transaction log backup chain by switching recovery mode to Simple during transfer
220163 PRB: DTS Does Not Copy Identity, Indexes, Primary Key or Other Constraints
823455 FIX: Visual Basic raises a syntax error when you try to compile a file that was created when you saved a DTS package
242391 INF: DTS Package Development, Deployment and Performance
241249 HOW TO: Obtain a List of DTS Packages
907888 Error message when you install the SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer components on a computer that is running Windows 2000: "dtsui.dll failed to register HRESULT -2147024770"
815115 FIX: A DTS package that uses global variables ignores an error message raised by RAISERROR
290077 FIX: DTS Scheduled Job Does Not Complete After First Run
293320 PRB: DTS Transfer From SQL Server to Oracle Through OLE DB Provider Shows Ongoing Private Bytes Consumption
318819 PRB: A DTS Package Raises Exceptions or Stops Responding When You Run It as a Scheduled Job
271889 PRB: Error message: "Exception Access Violation 2147221499.Need to run the object to perform this operation" occurs when you run a DTS package in Microsoft Visual Basic code
293318 FIX: Analysis Services DTS Task Gets Timeout Error During Incremental Update
943655 FIX: Error messages when you run a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package after you install Cumulative Update 2 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2: "Data conversion failed" and "SSIS Error Code DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR"
839986 FIX: The Mail Profile combo box is disabled when you use Enterprise Manager to view SQL Server agent properties, and you receive an error message when you  try to use the xp_sendmail stored procedure from a DTS package in SQL Server 2000
319048 PRB: Cannot Use Data Transformation Services Event Handlers in Visual Basic with Execute Package Task
912421 BUG: Error message when you run, import, or migrate a SQL Server 2000 DTS package that contains an instance of the Analysis Services Processing task in SQL Server 2005: "Invalid class string"
300192 BUG: DTS Import/Export Wizard or TransferObjectsTask Fails to Maintain Filegroup Settings for Transferred Objects
870620 DTS packages may fail if you run multiple DTS packages that contain Analysis Services Processing tasks at the same time
928324 Error message when you use the dtsrun command prompt utility (Dtsrun.exe) to run a DTS package in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: "This application has failed to start because SQLResourceLoader.dll was not found"
316043 HOW TO: Log Data Transformation Services Package Execution to a Text File
305365 PRB: DTS Package Fails with "Unspecified Error"  Error Message When You Use Transfer Logins Task to Move a SQL Server Login
300042 FIX: DTS Transfer Reports Error "Non-whitespace characters in row" Even Though All Rows are Imported From Text File
839884 FIX: A System.ExecutionEngineException exception occurs when you try to access the DTS DynamicPropertiesTaskAssignments collection
316331 FIX: DTSTransferObjects with Events Generates an Error Message and an Access Violation in Visual Basic
288438 BUG: DTS Send Mail Task Does Not Display Correct Mail Profile Name in DTS Designer
293223 FIX: Problems Saving DTS Packages to Visual Basic Files Using the DTS User Interface
921929 BUG: When you click "Build Query" in the "Execute SQL Task Properties" dialog box of the SQL Server 2000 DTS package designer, SQL Server 2005 Management Studio unexpectedly closes
288411 FIX: "Incorrect syntax near COLLATE" during DTS transfer on SQL Server 7.0 database that is restored to SQL Server 2000
315994 BUG: DTS Wizard Generates Unspecified Error Message If Database with a Period in Name is Used
247825 PRB: DTS Copy Table Uses Table Schema of Existing Table
300272 FIX: Transfer of a View that Contains a UDF by Using DTS Export Data Fails with Error 208
249236 HOW TO: Return Multiple Columns in a DTS Lookup Query
241761 BUG: DTS Transfer Does Not Report Error When Input File Is Missing Text Qualifier in Last Row
917420 BUG: You receive an error message when you use the Package Migration Wizard to migrate a DTS package
810927 Support for Data Transformation Services in SQL Server 2000 64-bit
300181 FIX: DTS Error Message Repeated Multiple Times When You Import from a Text File
310473 FIX: Open of DTS Package Fails with Type Mismatch Error Message
301579 FIX: "Unspecified error" Raised When Working with DTS Packages on Localized SQL Server 2000
288189 FIX: DTS FTP Task May Fail to Download Files After a Network Problem
920298 FIX: Error message when you try to add a configuration to a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services .dtsx package: "An error occurred while a new configuration was being added"
299354 PRB: DTS Execute Package Task May Fail to Execute Child Package
320304 PRB: A DTS Package That You Save as a Visual Basic File May Fail to Import Tab-Delimited Text Data
252439 PRB: Use of Math Operations with DTS and Numeric Data Types
292588 PRB: Data Transformation Services May Fail to Import DBCS File Using Fixed Field
290644 FIX: DTSRun.exe Causes Access Violation on SMP Computers
302828 FIX: DTS Fails to Transfer Rows When a Non-Sysadmin User Opens Packages from T-SQL with Xp_cmdshell
288188 FIX: DTS Package Reports Success When FTP Task Doesn't Transfer All Files
815126 BUG: Renaming tasks or steps by using the DTS Object model results in a non-editable package
246333 INF: SQL Server Data Transformation Services and the Microsoft Repository
282966 DTS Package Fails with Dynamic Properties Task and OLAP Processing Task
238367 PRB: Error Message "Unspecified Error" When Executing a DTS Package Modified Dynamically
288330 FIX: FTP Task in DTS Deletes File from the Destination Folder After the Package Completes Execution
286124 INF: How to Reschedule a DTS Package
286773 FIX: DTS FTP Task Does Not Behave as Expected if Destination Is Out of Space or the Destination File Exists
294956 FIX: Enterprise Manager May Cause Access Violation When You Edit a DTS Package with Long User Name
281664 PRB: You Must Select the Include All Dependent Objects Checkbox that Depend on Other Objects in DTS
247360 PRB: DTS May Skip More Rows than Specified for Fixed-Length Files
885158 FIX: Section names are truncated to a total length of 254 characters when you use Data Transformation Services to create a Dynamic Properties task and you add an .ini file in SQL Server 2000
324982 Support WebCast: Data Transformation Services Package Scheduling - An Inside Look
300187 BUG: DTS UI Incorrectly Maps Tinyint to Decimal When You Transfer Data to DB2 Using HIS OLEDB Provider for DB2
942087 FIX: An access violation may occur intermittently in the DTSPipeline.dll file when you run an Integration Services package that contains a Data Flow task in SQL Server 2005
962874 In SQL Server 2005 or 2008, the DTS designer application cannot be started on a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer
300640 BUG: DTS Imports Empty Strings for Character Strings That Were Exported as NULLs
291780 FIX: DTS Transfer Objects May Fail if Dependent Objects Are Not in Alphabetical Order
249901 PRB: DTS Diagram Changes When DTS Package is Opened and Saved Outside the Package Designer
819260 BUG: The Transfer of a File by Using an FTP Task in a DTS Package Returns a Success Message Even When the Source File is Not Available
294944 FIX: DTSWIZ.exe Closes When Exporting to a Text File if the File Name Contains 255 Characters
293164 PRB: Errors May Occur When You Use SQL Server 2000 to Save a DTS Package as a Visual Basic File
286268 FIX: User and Owner Passwords are Dimmed When You Save a Package as a File By Using DTSWIZ
261133 FIX: DTS "Send Mail" Fills Up Mailbox and Outlook Cannot See or Delete E-Mail Messages
287234 FIX: No Vertical Scroll Bar in DTS Dynamic Properties Task Properties Dialog Box
295442 FIX: Processing OLAP 7.0 Objects from Analysis Services DTS Task Fails
259304 FIX: DTS Fails to Import Last Row If There is No Last Row Terminator
299543 FIX: ActiveX Transformation Function Not Triggered If LastRow Option in DTS Transform Data Task Is Less Than or Equal to Actual Number of Source Table Rows
312089 BUG: DTS Separates the Columns of Text at Invalid Trail Byte of DBCS
303104 PRB: Unable to Save DTS Package to SQL Server When You Use Windows NT 4.0 French Localized Version
325493 Support WebCast: The DTS Multiphase Data Pump
259571 PRB: DTS Connection Password Is Write Only
287401 FIX: Unable to Use GOTO in an Execute SQL Task of a DTS Package
287753 PRB: ExOleDB Provider Doesn't Work with SQL Server 2000 DTS Tool
286775 FIX: Creating a Publication From Within DTSWIZ Fails with "Error 496: General Error" Error Message
287713 FIX: Problems with DTS UI Help Topics
242543 INF: DTS Row Level Restartability After an Unexpected Failure
295739 BUG: DTS Designer May Stop Responding When You Use Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider
903004 You may experience an access violation or data corruption in Analysis Services when you use DTS to merge partitions when lazy processing is occurring
308830 FIX: SQL Server Agent Reports "Succeeded" when Scheduled DTS Package Task Fails
300365 PRB: DTS FTP Task Does Not Allow User to Return to Parent Directory from an Empty Folder
286503 FIX: Publication Options Disabled When Create Publication Wizard Launched from DTS Import/Export Wizard
221480 BUG: DTS: Default Scheduling Information Displayed
291307 BUG: DTS Message Queue Task May Truncate Messages to 255 Characters
295668 FIX: Transaction Replication to DB2 Subscribers Incorrectly Map Tinyint Data Type if You Use DTS to Transform Published Data
294968 FIX: Error Processing Partitions in Parallel Through DTS May Cause Processing to Fail
308961 FIX: DTS Data Mining Task May Return Syntax Error for Correct Prediction Query
279159 BUG: Cancel Button in DTS Package Designer Save Dialog Box Exits Form Without Saving
296774 FIX: DTS Logs Processing Messages Even When Package Logging Is Turned Off
286756 FIX: DTS Source Logging Fails if Source Contains Unmapped Columns
198141 BUG: DTS: Two or More Columns with the Same Name Cannot Transfer
305056 FIX: Must Enter DTS Package Name in Subscription Properties
230406 BUG: DTS: Preview Shows Column Headers as Data When Invoked Multiple Times
201785 How To  Import FileSystem Data Using DTS and Index Server
318721 FIX: OLAP DTS Processing Task Fails with Error Code -2146828087 (800A00C9)

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