Expressionable data flow component properties in Katmai

To supplement the current version of the list that's here in BOL, here are some additions or corrections to the list of custom properties of data flow components whose values can be set by using an expression in SQL Server 2008 "Katmai":

ADO Source (formerly DataReader Source)

  • SqlCommand
  • TableOrViewName

ADO Destination

  • BatchSize
  • CommandTimeout
  • TableOrViewName

Lookup Transformation

  • SqlCommand (the SELECT statement that you optionally enter on the Connection page)
  • SqlCommandParam (the parameterized SELECT statement shown on the Advanced page)

SQL Server Destination

  • BulkInsertTableName
  • BulkInsertFirstRow
  • BulkInsertLastRow
  • BulkInsertOrder
  • Timeout

As in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, you set these properties in the UI on the containing Data Flow task, and not directly on the individual component.