Exploring the SSIS discussion with Social Gadgets

These fascinating SocialGadgets from FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research give us some insight into current discussions about SQL Server Integration Services in the social media.

Read more about the projects from FUSE Labs in this blog post from LiveSide.Net:
FUSE Labs brings new projects – Spindex, Project Emporia, SocialGadgets, and Montage

Note: I wanted to embed the live widgets in this post, but my blog software refused to display the IFRAMEs that host the embedded widgets. Explore them "live" for yourself at SocialGadgets. These are only screen shots below, captured on Sunday, November 28, 2010. Interesting to see that everyone was in front of the computer on the US Thanksgiving holiday on November 25!

1. 3-day timeline for the keyword "SSIS"

2. 3-day comparison of SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS

3. 3-day tag could for the keyword "SSIS"

Note that this view includes both keywords, Twitter hash tags, and people. More stats about each label are displayed in a small tooltip when you hover over them (on the live page - this is just a screen shot).

Fun stuff!


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