ETL in the cloud, or just for the cloud?

Lots of comments today about PDC and the Microsoft executives discussing Windows Azure, the new platform for cloud computing. "Everyone" - that is, Matthew Roche and Jamie Thomson - noticed (without even being present!) the "ETL" on Bob Muglia's slide, which it's now my turn to borrow:

SQL Services - Bob Muglia PDC SLide

Do folks really want ETL *in* the cloud? That will be interesting to see. If you're interested in ETL *to or from* the cloud today, don't miss the SQL Server Data Services Connectors sample released by the SQL Server Integration Services product team on the Codeplex site. This sample consists of a connection manager, a data flow source, and a data flow destination for SQL Server Data Services. Matt Masson blogged about this sample here.

Ben Romano from the Seattle Times enjoyed the irony of naming a "cloud" OS for the clear blue sky: "In Seattle, a sky is azure when it's just partly cloudy. We're more accustomed to totally overcast skies, which you might compare with pervasive cloud computing."