Design DTS packages reliably on Windows Server 2008 and Vista

Yesterday (Monday, Dec 15, 2008) Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2005. This release includes an update to the Feature Pack, which includes the DTS Package Designer components for use with SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. (There is NOT a separate release for SQL 2008.) This update fixes some issues that were discovered on Windows Vista and carried over to Windows Server 2008.

To download the updated DTS package designer,

  1. Visit the SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack Web page for December 2008 at: Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - December 2008.
  2. Locate and download the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer Components.

These components are 32-bit only. They can also be used on x64 but not on IA64 computers.



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How do you actually get to the dts designer? I've installed it, but I can't find it anywhere...


The DTS Designer is not a standalone application.

You can edit a DTS package:

1) from within the Execute DTS 2000 Package task editor in BIDS

2) from SSMS

Note that, to view DTS packages in SSMS, you connect to the instance of the Database Engine in which they're stored (in msdb), NOT to the Integration Services service. Then they are buried a few levels down under Management\Legacy.