Dec 14 webinar - Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME

I have mentioned SAFE Software before as the most visible provider of tools and components for working with spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server, with or without Integration Services.

SAFE recently announced a free 1-hour Webinar on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - "Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME".

More information:

Here is the description of the Webinar from their Web site:

"This free webinar demonstrates practical techniques to help you more quickly and efficiently load spatial data into SQL Server. Join us to learn how you can automate spatial data conversion, transformation, and loading processes to gain more value from your SQL Server environment and data assets. We’ll also highlight how you can extract and distribute SQL Server spatial data within your web mapping applications."

As I mentioned in a previous post, SAFE now offers More affordable spatial data loading for SQL Server with a $500 version of their product. This version does not include SSIS integration.


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