Check out the new Integration Services portal page on MSDN

When you visit the Integration Services page on MSDN or TechNet, you now get fresh and useful links that include community content, rather than a stale set of links to Books Online topics. Here on the Integration Services team, we're happy to be the first SQL Server feature to showcase the new look. Please check it out!

SQL Server 2008 – Integration Services on MSDN

This page is for you and fellow ETL developers. Use the Feedback link in the upper right to tell us what you like and don't like.

Let's summarize what's on the page:

  • At the top, you have a search box that's scoped to SQL Server 2008 documentation (the best we could get from MSDN for now), and Getting Started links.
  • On the rest of the page, you've got Microsoft stuff in the left column, and community stuff in the remaining columns.

What further improvements would we like to make?

  • Add an RSS feed for the "New from Microsoft" in the left column.
  • Keep the page up-to-date and continue adding fresh links to fresh content.
  • Present an SSIS MVP each month.
  • Improve the scoped search when possible by restricting it to SSIS content, but extending it to community content.
  • Roll these same improvements out to other SQL Server features

Help to make this page more valuable to yourself and others by giving us your suggestions! Thanks,