CDC for heterogeneous sources with SSIS, from Attunity and Microsoft

See the press release from yesterday (11/2/2009):

Attunity extends its partnership with Microsoft to enable heterogeneous Change Data Capture

Some excerpts: The solution, based on Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Attunity’s low-impact change data capture (CDC) technology, enables efficient and real-time integration of heterogeneous data with significant cost savings. ... The integrated offering of Attunity’s CDC with Microsoft’s SSIS is now available for many heterogeneous data sources and targets, enabling customers to reduce ETL load times and enable real-time, continuous data integration for data warehousing and operational reporting.

Quote from Tom Casey, head of SQL BI at Microsoft: "We value Attunity as a partner and its product suite extends SSIS to enable customers to address enterprise and real-time integration requirements across a heterogeneous environment using the tools and applications they are already familiar with."