Metadata-driven dynamic data flows for SSIS, and new adapters

This post describes the enhancements in the latest release of a third-party library for SQL Server Integration Services. Support for SQL Server 2012, a long list of new source and destination adapters, and metadata-driven dynamic data flows are the highlights of version 1.6 of the SSIS+ library from CozyRoc, just released in beta. Ivan Peev of CozyRoc describes the significance of this new release: Our hope is that this new release [of the SSIS+ library] will make the SSIS platform easier to accept and use... [More]

Excel driver now supported on server for use by SSIS

A year ago, I wrote a blog post to caution SSIS users that the ACE Provider and its Excel driver were not supported by Microsoft for use on the server. That position has changed - in certain circumstances! - as I learned today from SSIS dev manager David Noor. The download page for the ACE Provider now contains the following new paragraph: The Office System Drivers are only supported under certain scenarios, including: ... 2.To transfer data between supported file formats and a database repository, such as... [More]

Recompile VSTA scripts programmatically in SSIS

You can use the SQL Server Integration Services API to reconfigure a package dynamically, or even to create an entire package from scratch. Books Online doesn't say much about this. But the SSIS product team has provided the Package Generation Sample, and various bloggers and authors have described the process and the code. What if you want to add Script Tasks or Script Components programmatically? I blogged about this in 2008 - Adding a VSTA Script task programmatically. And now the big question. What if y... [More]

Custom ADO.NET providers make interesting data available to SSIS

The ADO.NET providers coming out of RSSBus make some interesting data sources available to SQL Server Integration Services packages through the ADO.NET Connection Manager and Source adapter. The documentation for each of these is available online and includes screen shots. Free trial downloads are also available. Imagine how you could creatively transform, if not your fortune, at least your QuickBooks data, or filter a large volume of SMTP email, or report on the output of your PowerShell scripts. The... [More]