Dec 14 webinar - Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME

I have mentioned SAFE Software before as the most visible provider of tools and components for working with spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server, with or without Integration Services. SAFE recently announced a free 1-hour Webinar on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - "Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME". More information: Sign up for the Webinar Read more about SAFE Software and SQL Server Here is the description of the Webinar from their Web site: "This free webinar demonstrat... [More]

Speed up your ETL with 4 new SSIS performance videos from Microsoft

SSIS: Designing and Tuning for Performance SQL Server Video Series Learn the details of SQL Server Integration Services performance tuning from the people who know it best! Today (4/30/09) Microsoft published 4 new videos on SSIS performance, recorded by experts on the SSIS product team and the SQLCAT (Customer Advisory) team. The videos range from 12 to 16 minutes in length. Measuring and Understanding the Performance of Your SSIS Packages in the Enterprise (SQL Server Video)by Denny Lee, Senior Progr... [More]

Stay up to date on SSIS downloads, articles, and community buzz

Looks like everyone's New Year's resolution was to get their Web sites in shape! New RSS feeds for Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content You can now stay up to date on the latest Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content by subscribing to the RSS feeds that we've made available on the SSIS portal page on MSDN and TechNet. We've been refreshing the news on the page every 2 weeks. In our "Community Buzz" column, we bring together some... [More]

See all the new SSIS articles, videos, and samples from Microsoft

Have you seen all the recent articles, videos, & samples for Integration Services? In the future, we hope to offer you an RSS feed for this purpose, but we're not there yet. For now, I hope that you find this list useful, especially since it was painfully tedious to create! (Note: When I look at this blog posting in Internet Explorer, I get an unexpected warning from the IE Phishing filter...probably because of all the hyperlinks set to open in a new window. I can reassure you that the only danger ... [More]

New 10-minute how-to videos on Integration Services

The Integration Services documentation team at Microsoft recently published its very first batch of 10-minute how-to videos. We hope that beginning to intermediate users will find these useful, and we're pleased to be taking some first steps beyond the written word of BOL.  You can find the entire list of 5 Integration Services and 3 Analysis Services videos at this MSDN page for SQL Server Videos. The Integration Services videos are: Creating a Basic Package (SQL Server Video)   (Thi... [More]