Dec 14 webinar - Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME

I have mentioned SAFE Software before as the most visible provider of tools and components for working with spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server, with or without Integration Services. SAFE recently announced a free 1-hour Webinar on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - "Loading Spatial Data into SQL Server with FME". More information: Sign up for the Webinar Read more about SAFE Software and SQL Server Here is the description of the Webinar from their Web site: "This free webinar demonstrat... [More]

Webcast: Unlock the spatial data stored in Microsoft SQL Server

(I received this invitation at Microsoft, and was encouraged to invite my "customers and partners." First, take a look at this output from the DataConnector to whet your appetite...) Understanding Web Mapping and Data Visualization using DataConnector Attend this webcast and learn how SQL Server 2008 can help you visualize your data on a map using a free download called DataConnector. You’re most likely already familiar with SQL Server support for spatial data and now with DataConnector ... [More]

More affordable spatial data loading for SQL Server

Do you have spatial data stored in ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo TAB files, MIF/MID files, or CSV files that you have to load into SQL Server? If you do, then this new and more affordable product from SAFE Software may meet your needs. SAFE has quietly released FME Desktop SQL Server Loader Edition, a $500 subset of the full functionality found in their "FME Desktop Microsoft SQL Server Edition" product. Here's the description of this new product from their Web page: "Quickly load data into ... [More]

More SSIS and spatial, with an offer from SAFE Software

An offer from SAFE software, "The Spatial ETL Experts" In my recent blog post where I mentioned some components and resources for using SSIS with geospatial data, naturally I mentioned the extensive set of custom components available from SAFE Software. I pointed out that their SSIS integration is only available as part of larger product packages. SAFE contacted me after that blog post, and invited me to share this offer of an extended free evaluation period with SSIS developers: "Developer... [More]

SSIS and spatial: A new article and some existing custom components

New 3-part walkthrough Today (April 7, 2010), published the 1st of a 3-part series of articles by BI blogger Siddarth Mehta, titled "Geocoding Text-Based Spatial Data for Use In SSIS Packages." The sample project combines the use of SSIS with the Bing Maps API and Web service. Anything else out there? It's not easy to find more information about using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with spatial data! If you search for "SSIS + mapping," of course you find dozens of posts a... [More]