Store and index your documents in less than 5 minutes

This blog post describes an article that I recently published on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki titled, "Store and Index Documents in SQL Server 2012 - An End-to-End Walkthrough." I recently published an article on the TechNet Wiki that highlights two new features in SQL Server 2012 that make it both easier and more valuable to store your documents and files in the database: FileTables, and Semantic Search. The wiki article captures a timed walkthrough of the steps required to configure a SQL Server 2012 docume... [More]

Creating a Full-Text Index on a FileTable in SQL Server 2012

This post describes how to select the appropriate indexes, columns, and options when creating a full-text index over the documents and files stored in a FileTable in SQL Server 2012. The FileTable feature in SQL Server 2012 makes it easier than ever to store documents and files in the database – you can simply drag them into the folder that represents the table in Windows Explorer, or you can save them directly from Windows applications like Microsoft Word or Excel. At the same time, SQL Server 2012 e... [More]

More sample queries for Semantic Search in SQL Server 2012

Earlier today I published a blog post about Looping over document similarity details in Semantic Search on the MSDN blog of the SQL Server Full-Text Search team. That post introduces the 3 built-in rowset functions that are provided by Semantic Search in SQL Server 2012 “Denali.” It also describes how to do something for which we don’t provide a built-in set-based function – that is, iterate over the documents that are similar to a source document, and ask why each document is simila... [More]