Add helpful package design tools to BIDS: A Codeplex project focus

Among the gems on found on Codeplex, "Microsoft's open source project hosting web site", BIDS Helper stands tall. BIDS Helper is "a Visual Studio.Net add-in with features that extend and enhance the functionality of Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)." It supports SQL Server 2005 and 2008. It includes helpful tools for Analysis Services (22), Integration Services (14), and Reporting Services (2). It won the "SQL Heroes 2008" contest award as announced at t... [More]

Read and write SharePoint lists from Integration Services packages

Since the release of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, there has been an unanticipated amount of interest in reading and writing SharePoint data from SSIS packages. Microsoft developer Kevin Idzi recently filled this need by releasing the SharePoint List Source and Destination components on the Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Integration Services site on Codeplex. Kevin also deserves a lot of credit for aggressively fixing bugs, adding features, and responding to customer comments and issues. ... [More]

See all the new SSIS articles, videos, and samples from Microsoft

Have you seen all the recent articles, videos, & samples for Integration Services? In the future, we hope to offer you an RSS feed for this purpose, but we're not there yet. For now, I hope that you find this list useful, especially since it was painfully tedious to create! (Note: When I look at this blog posting in Internet Explorer, I get an unexpected warning from the IE Phishing filter...probably because of all the hyperlinks set to open in a new window. I can reassure you that the only danger ... [More]

Learn more about using Change Data Capture (CDC) in SSIS 2008

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise includes the new Change Data Capture feature, or CDC, largely intended for use by ETL developers performing incremental loads of a data warehouse. With CDC, you can easily identify rows that have been inserted, updated, or deleted -- no more need for complex queries and other custom solutions! The other day I promised links to some resources, and now they're finally all online. Try the 2 new end-to-end samples on Codeplex Sandra Ward, the developer of CDC, has done extraordinary w... [More]

ETL in the cloud, or just for the cloud?

Lots of comments today about PDC and the Microsoft executives discussing Windows Azure, the new platform for cloud computing. "Everyone" - that is, Matthew Roche and Jamie Thomson - noticed (without even being present!) the "ETL" on Bob Muglia's slide, which it's now my turn to borrow: Do folks really want ETL *in* the cloud? That will be interesting to see. If you're interested in ETL *to or from* the cloud today, don't miss the SQL Server Data Services... [More]

New SSIS samples from dev team and doc team

While the Integration Services development team has been busy finishing the custom component and code samples that Matt Masson recently blogged about, my hard-working colleague Carla Sabotta has been wrapping up a couple new package samples along with a new tutorial that walks through the steps of using the Import and Export Wizard. The dev team's code samples are largely intended for developers, while the package samples and tutorials are intended to benefit beginning users of Integration Ser... [More]