New book: Learn some SSIS, help children affected by war

"SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," a result of collaboration among 53 SQL Server MVP's and others, is now available for pre-order. The authors are generously donating all their royalties to a charity for children affected by war. Find out more about the book here: If you were one of the very first readers this morning, sorry about the mis-typed URL. It's working now.) The book contains the following 4 chapters on SQL Server Integration Servic... [More]

Speed up your ETL with 4 new SSIS performance videos from Microsoft

SSIS: Designing and Tuning for Performance SQL Server Video Series Learn the details of SQL Server Integration Services performance tuning from the people who know it best! Today (4/30/09) Microsoft published 4 new videos on SSIS performance, recorded by experts on the SSIS product team and the SQLCAT (Customer Advisory) team. The videos range from 12 to 16 minutes in length. Measuring and Understanding the Performance of Your SSIS Packages in the Enterprise (SQL Server Video)by Denny Lee, Senior Progr... [More]

Just Published: The Data Loading Performance Guide

Read the new white paper on optimizing bulk inserts from the SQLCAT team: The Data Loading Performance Guide Be prepared for technical depth, including hardware and networking optimizations!    

New MSDN articles on Integration Services deployment and performance

The Microsoft MVPs and consultants who spend every day implementing real-world solutions with SQL Server Integration Services gain a wealth of practical knowledge that even the development team can't match. So we're very pleased to announce a first batch of articles in the MSDN Library from these experts, on the pressing issues of package deployment and performance. These aren't "buy our product" or "admire our benchmarks" whitepapers...these are bundles of best practices, what to do and what... [More]

Excel, the Office 12 ACE Provider, and performance

Recently an internal Microsoft team ran into performance issues when they switched from using the Jet Provider and writing out Excel 2003 files, to using the Office 12/2007 ACE Provider and writing out Excel 2007 files from their Integration Services package. Their inquiries brought the following information to light: There are 3 reasons for reduced performance with the Office 12 ACE Provider when used with Excel 2007 files, either binary (.xlsb)or XML (*.xlsx): The ACE Provider ... [More]