Not happy with a Books Online topic? Rewrite it yourself!

OK, you can't do this directly. But you can do the next best thing! Use the Community Content feature in the MSDN Library to add more information, examples, clarifications, or corrections for all to see. Let's take a look at this Integration Services page in SQL Server 2008 Books Online as an example (link opens in a new window): Configuring the Integration Services Service. To read community content: 1. At the top of the article, observe the Community Content box at the upper right. For this BOL topic, you... [More]

See all the new SSIS articles, videos, and samples from Microsoft

Have you seen all the recent articles, videos, & samples for Integration Services? In the future, we hope to offer you an RSS feed for this purpose, but we're not there yet. For now, I hope that you find this list useful, especially since it was painfully tedious to create! (Note: When I look at this blog posting in Internet Explorer, I get an unexpected warning from the IE Phishing filter...probably because of all the hyperlinks set to open in a new window. I can reassure you that the only danger ... [More]

Check out the new Integration Services portal page on MSDN

When you visit the Integration Services page on MSDN or TechNet, you now get fresh and useful links that include community content, rather than a stale set of links to Books Online topics. Here on the Integration Services team, we're happy to be the first SQL Server feature to showcase the new look. Please check it out! SQL Server 2008 – Integration Services on MSDN This page is for you and fellow ETL developers. Use the Feedback link in the upper right to tell us what you like and don't li... [More]

MSDN publishes first 2 articles by Integration Services product vendors

MSDN/TechNet has just published 2 new articles by third-party vendors of commercial products that work with, or complement, SQL Server Integration Services. In Extending Integration Services with the Script Task and Script Task Plus, Ivan Peev of CozyRoc talks about the built-in Script task, then discusses the additional features provided by Script Task Plus, a component that's included in the SSIS+ library from CozyRoc. For example, Script Task Plus lets you reuse the same script easily in more than o... [More]

New "social bookmarking" features on MSDN and TechNet

I thought you might want to take a look at this blog posting - Launched: Social Bookmarking V1 on MSDN and TechNet - although I haven't had the leisure to explore it yet myself. The stated goal is: "These new sites, which have been available in preview since May 2008, make it easy for Microsoft's enormous technical community to help each other discover the best resources on any topic from across the web." The documentation team is frequently and painfully reminded that discoverability of content is as ... [More]