Learn more about Lookup and its new features: A compilation

The SQL Server Integration Services team added valuable new caching options (and scalability) to the Lookup transformation in SQL Server 2008. Learn more about these enhancements (and about the Lookup transformation in general) from the following resources. Microsoft resources In SQL Server Books Online (BOL) Upgrading Lookup Transformations The section Caching the Reference Dataset in the Lookup Transformation topic. How to: Implement a Lookup in No Cache or Partial Cache Mode How to: Implement a Looku... [More]

InfoWorld praises Lookup caching, CDC in SSIS 2008

Read what Sean McCown of InfoWord says about the benefits of Lookup caching and Change Data Capture for the enterprise. "Microsoft has taken some big steps to ensure that SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) can compete directly with competitors such as Informatica by offering lookup caching and CDC.  ...both lookup caching and CDC can improve the speed of loads by orders of magnitude." InfoWorld praises Lookup caching, CDC in SSIS 2008 How can you learn more about the new features in Lo... [More]

New SSIS samples from dev team and doc team

While the Integration Services development team has been busy finishing the custom component and code samples that Matt Masson recently blogged about, my hard-working colleague Carla Sabotta has been wrapping up a couple new package samples along with a new tutorial that walks through the steps of using the Import and Export Wizard. The dev team's code samples are largely intended for developers, while the package samples and tutorials are intended to benefit beginning users of Integration Ser... [More]