Excel in Integration Services, Part 3 of 3: Issues and Alternatives

This post is the 3rd and last in a series of 3 planned installments about using Excel data files with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. Connections and components Tables and data types Issues and alternatives Introduction Don't expect miracles. If you've been following this series, I hope that anticipation - and frustration with the Excel driver - have not led you to expect miracles. I do not have secret insider knowledge, and frankly, some of the issues with the Excel driver simply don't have a ... [More]

My Variable doesn't like my Object any more - FIXED!

THIS LIMITATION HAS BEEN FIXED AND REMOVED FOR SQL SERVER 2008 RTM. Object of any type can now be passed through package variables of type Object, and consumed within Script task code. No, wait. Maybe it's "My Object doesn't like my Variable." Anyway, we just had to remove one of the Integration Services package samples ("SmoTablesDBCC") for Katmai because of this issue that affects the Script task. There are many Types that you will no longer be able to pass into a Script task by way of a package Vari... [More]