Wow, an SSIS Expression Tester tool

Darren Green of SQLIS.com has posted a new SSIS Expression Tester on Codeplex: http://expressioneditor.codeplex.com/ See the SQLIS blog post from yesterday (6/9/10): http://www.sqlis.com/sqlis/post/ssis-expression-editor-tool.aspx German-language blog post from Tillman Eitelberg at ssis-components.net: http://ssis-components.net/post/2010/06/09/Expression-Tester-Tool.aspx Crank this up along with your expressions Cheat Sheet from PragmaticWorks and the tools for expressions in BIDS Helper, and reduce t... [More]

Get the new SSIS Expressions cheat sheet from PragmaticWorks

Available as both a Web page and a downloadable PDF at http://www.pragmaticworks.com/cheatsheet/.  ...and more! -Doug  

New book: Learn some SSIS, help children affected by war

"SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," a result of collaboration among 53 SQL Server MVP's and others, is now available for pre-order. The authors are generously donating all their royalties to a charity for children affected by war. Find out more about the book here: http://www.sqlservermvpdeepdives.com.(9/29/09: If you were one of the very first readers this morning, sorry about the mis-typed URL. It's working now.) The book contains the following 4 chapters on SQL Server Integration Servic... [More]

Faking success in SSIS

A SQL Server Integration Services package has a set of properties with similar names that let you: force the result of running the package return a custom value from the package Their similar names make it easy to confuse these properties. To make matters worse, their descriptions were mixed up in at least one place in Books Online (now fixed). I've just checked BOL one more time, so let's clear up the confusion before I forget which property is which. These properties apply not only to the ... [More]

Setting an expression dynamically

Former Integration Services developer Michael Entin recently responded to an interesting question on the internal SSIS discussion list at Microsoft. The user was asking: How can I assign the expression [in this case, for the Derived Column transformation] dynamically at run time? The intuitive but less-than-obvious answer is...use an expression to set the expression! This lets you put your expression in a string variable such as @User::DerivationRule, and assign that by using an expression t... [More]

Expressionable data flow component properties in Katmai

To supplement the current version of the list that's here in BOL, here are some additions or corrections to the list of custom properties of data flow components whose values can be set by using an expression in SQL Server 2008 "Katmai": ADO Source (formerly DataReader Source) SqlCommand TableOrViewName ADO Destination BatchSize CommandTimeout TableOrViewName Lookup Transformation SqlCommand (the SELECT statement that you optionally enter on the Connection page) SqlCom... [More]